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I am a  certified Reiki practitioner, accredited healer and a teacher, specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services. I regard each patient as a whole, rather than an illness to be defeated. I believe in nurturing, rather than battling against the body. I work with my clients on issue of forgiveness, anger, hatred, guilt, confusion, worry, self love, confidence and spirituality. 

My clients come to me because they are looking for a way out of a painful place they are in and, while they instinctively know and understand they have to do the healing themselves, I help. I invite you to join me on this wonderful journey of healing and get in touch with me today to start healing your mind, body and soul.

How it all began - I was born in India and lived there until my twenties initially pursuing studies in Hospitality Management and Catering Operations. Then  I moved to the UK and  worked for few years in the hospitality industry, also run bakery cafe business for several years. But deep down within there was always longing for something to know about the life  and my existence in this physical world  which drawn my  attention towards this question Who am I ? Knowing little about Spirituality, I started self inquiry to find the supreme truth and  to understand  the way Universe provide  guidance. I felt the call to study Reiki and I learnt  and practiced Reiki, both the Usuai Lineage (Western and Eastern lineage) from my  teacher Torsten alexander Lange and become Reiki Master. My journey of self - discovery also led me to The college of Psychic Studies, London , and was instantly drawn to the Accredited Healing diploma course and become an accredited Energy Healer.

Reiki gave me an intimate connection to nature and ultimately a beautiful way of connecting to my own soul.

Love and Light ,

Devendra Juneja

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" I am a seventy-one year old man with various physical health issues that have impacted on my life in various ways. I found  Devendra's sessions helpful in managing these conditions. I did eight healing sessions with him and found these sessions helpful to both my emotional and physical wellbeing.
Devendra also lead me through various guided meditations and we discussed how we might manage these various health issues in various ways.
I found all my sessions with him both helpful and beneficial."
Douglas Sager, London


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I have been practicing meditation for over 20 years, and  have a particular interest in teaching mindfulness to help children overcome anxiety and stress related challenges in their life.

I am a qualified ICU Teacher. ICU is a pioneering technique for children's development, which addresses their educational, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. This technique assists children in their development during very precious years of their lives.

ICU facilites an ability for children to align with all their natural abilities, bringing into alignment the human mind (logic) and the Higher consciousness (creative) so they can function in a balanced way.

ICU sessions assists children to release limiting beliefs and traumas, expand their minds, reach educational and personal potential, increases confidence, self-esteem, self-respect and respect for others.

I am also a Medium and with the help of loved ones in spirit, I combine my psychic abilities, mediumship and counselling and offer detailed information and guidance so that you are able to gain valuable insight into whatever issues  you are facing in life. My readings are sensitive, insightful and supportive and are always given from the heart.

I offer guidance on how to move forward with better understanding, allowing the space for healing and change to occur.

About - Having worked for many years for NHS as a medical legal clerk , I took a career break to raise my 2 children.  Unknowingly from childhood, I had few unusual experiences of sensing the presence of any kind of energy or entity which was a struggle to make any sense out of it but later on in my married life when I was struggling to conceive another child after my first child, I had few miscarriages and was heartbroken to find it difficult to  understand the reason behind it. I was practicing meditation from aged 16 and being very sensitive, I started having episodes of sensing the spirit energies around me once again and one day during meditation, I felt a very strong connection that forced me to write. Since then, I started communicating with spirit world through writing and  started developing my  Psychic abilities and Mediumship.

Much Love,

Pooja Juneja

Pooja Juneja

Certified Mindfulness Teacher

ICU Teacher ( Inspiring children universally)

Medium / Psychic

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Meditation by the Sea

“The benefits of the Mindfulness club are endless. For me personally the top ones are that my daughter will have the tools to control her emotions and feelings going through the teenage years and for the rest of her life. Especially now in this uncertain times Big thank you from us.”


Emine, North london 


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